Coronavirus Update

To our Members, Guests, Friends, and Family,

We are living in unprecedented times. Our communities have been turned upside down and information is being circulated almost by the second. COVID-19 is a concern in all our lives and our community. First and foremost, our ownership and staff want to thank you for your support as we work with this ever-evolving situation. At this time our facility plans to remain open and continue operating as long as there are no government mandated closures or procedures that would alter our business. We will keep you posted as to any changes.

For those that plan to visit our facility in the upcoming weeks, we want to update you on current protocols and procedures that have been implemented to help protect our staff, our patrons and our community:

  • We are conducting regular and frequent disinfecting of high-touch areas (including doorknobs, light switches and countertops).
  • We are disinfecting and cleaning our golf carts in use after each round of golf.
  • We are cleaning and disinfecting restrooms multiple times daily
  • We are reinforcing illness prevention procedures with all employees as recommended by the medical community, including frequent handwashing, avoiding contact with eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands, and avoiding close contact with people who are sick.
  • We are instructing employees who are exhibiting symptoms of illness to stay home and seek care instructions from a medical provider.
  • We are offering “to go” orders in the grill for all food service. We have placed a call-in number in each golf cart so you can call ahead and pick up your order.
  • We are recommending that you leave rakes on the ground and smooth out bunkers as best you can with your feet. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect (it’s a hazard!). Please excuse our unraked bunkers as you play. Our staff will rake the bunkers mechanically throughout each week.

Many articles have been written that being in a wide-open, sunny outdoor space is a lower at-risk scenario, but we suggest that taking simple precautions should be part of your routine if you plan to play a round of golf.

  • Do not golf if you are sick. If you are feeling symptoms related to the virus, just hold off playing golf for now. We don’t want to put someone else at risk just to play golf. Get back to the game at a later date.
  • Practice “social distancing” by keeping more than six feet away from others when possible. Avoid prolonged face-to-face discussion on the golf courses. At tee boxes, fairways and greens, keep your distance from groups outside of your own.
  • As for the flagstick, it’s probably best to leave the flagsticks untouched for the entire day and have your playing partners be open to longer “in the leather” putts.
  • If you’re playing with friends and family, check that they’re feeling well. If you’re playing with strangers, keep your social distance. Actions speak louder than words at this time.

Most importantly, simply try and enjoy just being outdoors!

Thanks for your continued support!